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Combine one drop of MMS with five drops of the activator. Let stand for at least three minutes.

Once activated, add a quarter cup of water or juice. Note: Do not use juice that contains vitamin C or has vitamin C added as vitamin C neutralizes the MMS.

Drink within thirty minutes.

MMS is not famous for its delightful aroma or enchanting flavor. For those who wish an uneventful experience when ingesting MMS, we recommend Concord Grape Juice to neutralize the taste.

Never increase the dosage by more than one drop of MMS at a time. Do not be in a hurry to increase the dosage. Should detox symptoms occur (nausea, diarrhea, or headaches), cut back the dosage to where you were last doing well. Slowly work up to fifteen drops of MMS twice a day. When able to maintain this dosage for two weeks, drop back down to six drops a day for maintenance. For further information regarding use, dosage, or any other questions you might have, visit.